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The Fast Lane | Bristol Motor Speedway

Race Recap - Weather Guard Truck Race

Bret drives the David's Electric wrapped No.32 Chevrolet Silverado around Bristol Motor Speedway.
The David's Electric No.32 crosses the start / finish line at Bristol Motor Speedway.


Qualification Stats:

Time & Conditions: 3:40 PM ET | 61 °F | Sunny | 9MPH Winds

Understanding that the track would change throughout the day due to the introduction of a new "resin", the team made adjustments to the truck through practice and qualifying, fine-tuning minor details to improve efficiency. The truck was quick, and Bret finished qualifying with a time of 15.554 seconds.

Race Stats:

Time & Conditions: 8:00 PM ET | 57 °F | Clear | 7MPH Winds

Starting Position & Results: P24 | P29 | P26 | P31



  • It was a wild night at Bristol Motor Speedway, as the trucks raced on the new resin compound, leading to a great learning experience. Crew chief Mike Shitplett made adjustments throughout the race, responding to the changing speeds between the top and bottom lanes as the resin shifted. Unfortunately, the David's Electric No.32 saw extensive damage to both the right-front fender and right-rear quarter panel, prohibiting the tire from being changed. The team rushed to cut the bumper bars with a saw, resulting in a loss of multiple laps on pit road. However, this didn't prevent Bret from finishing the race, as he gained valuable experience driving on the new resin.

Stage 1

  • Two cautions early in the race set the pace for the remainder of the stage.

  • With crew chief Mike Shiplett looking on, the team continued to make minor adjustments that would improve the truck's entry and exit in the corners.

Stage 2

  • With no caution during the stage, the entire field pushed and bumped one another for positioning.

  • The team made notes of the truck's performance, continuing to tweak minor details to improve the truck's handling as the resin on the track shifted.

  • At the stage 2 conclusion, there were no lead changes, and Kyle Busch, driving the No.7 truck for Spire Motorsports, would maintain his lead.

Final Stage


  • Bret Holmes now sits in 10th place with 95 points,  -79 points behind leader Tyler Ankrum. Full standings can be located here.

  • There were a total of 4 lead changes throughout the Weather Guard Truck Race.

  • The race saw 6 cautions for 50 laps.

  • Bret's fastest lap: Lap 151 - 16.042 seconds.

  • Bret Holmes pitted a total of 7 times throughout the race.

  • A detailed recap can be found on NASCAR's website.

  • Check out photos from the weekend on the official BHR Facebook Page.

A detailed race recap highlighting lead changes, cautions, and more.
Detailed race recap from NASCAR
The BHR No.32 is wrapped by David's Electric this week.
Bret races the David's Electric wrapped No.32 Chevrolet Silverado around Bristol Motor Speedway.

NEXT RACE | Circuit of the Americas March 23rd @ 12:30 PM CT

Streaming on FS1 

QUALIFYING | March 22nd @ 2:30 PM CT

LAST TIME OUT | Started/Finished - P31 / P23 [+8]


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