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The sponsors and partners of BHR play a vital role and the success of our team.


With their help, we are not only able to reach our goals faster, but we provide our partners with the ability to reach large audiences by marketing themselves on a national stage. With races airing on Fox Sports, partnering with our team means bringing your

name and business to the screens of thousands of people across

the nation.


Accelerating results By Providing One Another With The tools for Success

Thank you to our current sponsors for partnering with BHR and making this 2023 season possible. Without your continued support, the BHR team would not be able to race toward our goal of winning race championships at every level.

Precision Garage door service

Titusville, Florida

Beginning as a family business in the late 1980's, with aspirations of building the best garage door company in America, Precision's founders began a franchise program that is designed for national expansion.


Incorporated in Arizona in 1999, Precision Door Service began its expansion nationwide through franchising, moving its corporate headquarters from Arizona to Titusville, Florida in 2001.


Washington, D.C.

Representing approximately 820K active members and retirees across a wide variety of industries. The IBEW has members in both the United States and Canada and stands out among the American unions in the AFL-CIO as one of the largest with members in so many skilled occupations. Collectively, Members bargain with employers over wages, benefits, and rights; creating more bargaining power as a group, to negotiate contracts with legal protections they would not have otherwise.

Golden Eagle Syrup

Fayette, Alabama

First produced in a small wood-frame building behind the family home, Golden Eagle Syrup has been a family-run company from the beginning, started by Mr. Victor Patterson and Mrs. Lucy Patterson in 1928.


The unique syrup blend quickly became a staple in Alabama homes, and in 1944 with growing demand, The Pattersons moved the Golden Eagle Syrup operations to a factory in downtown Fayette, AL.

Pate Holdings

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Pate Holdings is a privately owned real estate development and investment company.


Pate's footprint stretches across the Southeast and beyond with a large selection of prime development land for future projects. Their main focus is built-to-suit multiple single-tenant property developments. With over 35 years of real estate and development experience Pate Holdings is committed to the long-term prosperity of their tenants and communities.

Southern States Bank

Anniston, Alabama

With a mission to provide their customers with an excellent banking experience through engaging customer service that is focused on meeting their client's needs while enhancing and maintaining shareholder value, Southern States Bank is The Common Sense Bank.


Headquartered in Anniston, Alabama, Southern States Bank has 12 additional banking locations in Alabama and Georgia.

Holmes II Excavation

Munford, Alabama

For 38 years, Holmes II excavation has serviced the Southeast, extending their work into Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and along the Gulf Coast. Being a family owned and operated business, Holmes II Excavation understands the importance of work done the right way.


Additional information is available by contacting Stacy Holmes at (256) 831-9545.



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