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It’s About More Than Syrup; It’s About Family

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Golden Eagle Syrup was founded in 1928 by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Patterson in a small building behind their family home. Due to such high demand, the husband-and-wife duo decided to move production of their syrup to a factory in downtown Fayette, Alabama in 1944.

A staple product in most Alabama homes, Golden Eagle Syrup has been a family-owned and family-operated company since its inception in 1928. After the Patterson generation, Golden Eagle continues to remain all about family. The Bowling and Blevins families have taken the Patterson’s vision and remained true to their tradition and commitment to providing households with the same Golden Eagle Syrup from the 20s.

The unique blend of corn syrup, cane sugar syrup, cane molasses, and pure honey isn’t the only thing that makes the rich and delicious syrup a family favorite. To keep with the tradition that was started by the Patterson’s, each jar of syrup is hand tightened before leaving the factory.

Family tradition and values run deep at Golden Eagle Syrup. The current owners have a strong commitment to preserving the tradition and quality of the Golden Eagle brand while expanding the business to new product lines. The Golden Eagle brand continues to grow, building upon hard work and a commitment to excellence. Bret Holmes Racing (BHR) exemplifies these same principles, so it was a natural fit for them to join BHR as a sponsor with Bret Holmes.

“I’m honored to have Golden Eagle Syrup as a sponsor at BHR,” said Holmes. “I actually met the Bowling family when I was attending Auburn University. We’ve developed a strong friendship over the years, and they’ve been a long-time supporter of both me and our race team. It’s really cool to be able to represent them in our sport, and I hope our fans will continue to show them as much support as they show us.”

If you haven’t tried the sweet, rich flavor of Golden Eagle Syrup, you’re missing out on a new family favorite food. Some people enjoy it on their breakfast waffles or use it their favorite dessert. Whatever way you like it, you can purchase your own jar on the Golden Eagle website at

While you’re on the website to purchase your own delicious jar of syrup, you can find various recipes that use the famous Golden Eagle Syrup. If you’ve already purchased your syrup but need a shirt, look through the apparel. To show your support of Bret and the team, check out this special racing t-shirt with the Golden Eagle Syrup paint scheme here.

You can catch the No. 32 Golden Eagle Syrup Chevrolet on track this week at Nashville Superspeedway for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event on Friday, June 24. Live coverage of the race begins at 8pm Eastern Time on FOX Sports 1.


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